Winter 2019

A woman in a jacket and red hat faces away from the camera with her arms in the air, facing a forest in winter.

What's your New Year's Resolution? Make it mental wellness by joining our four-month wellness program! Learn to combat stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression at your own pace, using evidence-based strategies backed by mental health professionals. In the New Year, become the New You: confident, calm, and empowered.



Stop unhelpful thoughts and self-doubts in their tracks with cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), an evidence-based strategy with the potential to transform a negative mind into an empowering sanctuary.



Change your relationship with food from one of guilt to one of pleasure. Throw away the scale and learn body-positive, intuitive nutrition - calories welcome!



Get the endorphin rush with playful, weight-neutral movement. Join a yoga class, dance in your living room, or renew your old gym membership - learn to love moving your body, just the way it is!



Made some progress? Keep it going by preparing a realistic self-care plan. Learn to maintain top-grade mental wellness with consistency.

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