March: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

March Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Courage Box

We’d like to start off this blog post with an apology! The March Box was much later than we would like to send out boxes. A snowstorm set us back about a week. We hope that you love the box, even though it is late!

Now onto March’s theme …

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, has been a huge help for me in my mental wellness journey. It is a very common, heavily researched strategy that has been proven to be helpful for a number of mental illnesses, especially anxiety disorders and depression.

This month, we’ve included a variety of tools to help you practise CBT on your own. Be sure to read through this entire blog post, especially the tips and warnings, and don’t forget to talk to your therapist (if you have one) about this month’s theme so that they can help you out as well!

This month’s (and last month’s) mental health professional is Stephanie Danger, a local counsellor who regularly uses CBT with her clients. You can watch our interview with her here:

Subscribers also gain access to a longer blog post giving details on each tool included in the box and how to use them. The box includes:

  • A binder full of an assortment of CBT sheets, CBT goals sheets, and a thought distortions quick-reference sheet.
  • A worry box with a memo pad.
  • An example of a DIY stress ball and play foam.

These tools are meant to help you practise CBT, the Worry Box technique, and playing around with fidget toys.

We have a few extra CBT boxes available this month. If you'd like to get one, please send us a message to check availability. Next month's box on Mindfulness and Self Regulation will also have some extras if you didn't get the chance to pre-order it. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to stay informed about this!

In the meantime, the deadline to get our May box is April 15th. You can subscribe or order a one-off box here.

Have a great week, and we hope you love the March box!

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