Gifted Courage Boxes are now available!

We have officially set up our Gifted Courage Boxes program! :)

This means that Courage Boxes can now be donated to those who can't afford them. If you can't afford a Courage Box but would like to get one, you can sign up for our Waiting List here. No worries, you will remain anonymous. :)

Right now, you will be given a choice to receive either the box of the month, or a past box, if one is available that you would prefer. Please note that, unfortunately, signing up for our Waiting List does not guarantee that you will get a box. It will depend on the number of boxes that are donated.

For those of you donating a box, you have the choice to remain anonymous, to have the recipient of the box learn your name (they will remain anonymous), or to have us publicly announce your name on social media. By default, you will remain anonymous. Just send us a message if you would like something different. :)

If you know an individual or an organization that may like to donate a box, please share our website with them!

Our goal is accessibility - help us make it happen!

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