February 2018: Self Discovery

We're incredibly excited to announce the first ever Courage Box, and it's three interconnected mental wellness strategies! <3 :D

February 2018 Courage Box

The theme of our Launch Box is "Self Discovery." The goal of this box is to help subscribers learn more about their mental health, and begin to develop greater emotional awareness. What activities trigger your anxiety and depression? What activities help it?

There are three interconnected strategies for this month: mood tracking, naming emotions, and affirmation statements.

Mood Tracking Day Planner

Mood tracking involves taking time to recall the emotions you felt throughout your day. By recording your mood and your day's activities, you may be able to start noticing connections between the things you do and your mental health. It can also help you predict if a mental health crisis is creeping up, allowing you to get the help you need as early as possible.

 Emotions Dictionary

Our second strategy, naming emotions, involves creating your own "Emotions Dictionary," and using it to expand your vocabulary for naming your feelings. Giving more specific words to your emotions can help you better understand where your emotions are coming from. :) On top of that, research has also shown that if you can give a name to what you're feeling, it may help to reduce the intensity of that emotion. It won't help the emotion go away, but for some people, it can make that emotion feel a bit less uncomfortable.

Affirmations Jar

Our third strategy is a popular one: affirmation statements. We have included a handmade Affirmations Jar for subscribers to draw from everyday. This jar includes a month's worth of affirmations and coping statements to help them discover phrases that resonate with them. Once you find affirmations that work for you, you can begin to use them as ways of coping, and of reprogramming your brain to be more positive and realistic.

You can learn lots more about these strategies in our interview with Stephanie Danger, a local counsellor. :) Watch it on our YouTube channel.

Also, we're announcing next month's theme early! March will be focused on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, also known as CBT. This is a very popular, well-researched therapy that has been shown to be incredibly helpful for anxiety and depression. We highly recommend this box! Subscribe before February 15th to receive in in March. :) <3

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