Exciting new announcements!

We have some exciting announcements to make!

New Ways To Subscribe!

Anyone noticed some changes on our website? :)

We've updated our subscriptions, and you are now able to purchase Courage Box sets! These are organized like university semesters - Fall, Winter, and Summer.

Each set will include four months' worth of boxes. And great news! We're announcing our theme schedule beforehand. You can look at it here.

That's not even the best surprise, though. :) If you pre-order a Courage Box set, you will receive a free gift in each one of your boxes! The deadline for our Fall set is August 15th. If you're forgetful like me, I'd suggest ordering it now before time runs out!

Contests Underway!

There are still more opportunities coming up this September ...

Starting in September, 2018, subscribers will be able to enter a new contest every month to win something special, valued at up to $100! All you have to do is post something meaningful in our forum, and you're automatically entered. :)

Spa items, food baskets, books, socks ... who knows what we'll find for you to win?

We're so excited!

A lot of time, thought, and effort went into creating our 2018-2019 schedule. With the right dedication, I believe it could be incredibly helpful for many of you who identify with anxiety and depression.

Let's work towards better mental wellness, together! :)

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