Calling All Canadian Post-Secondary Campuses!

We're looking for some help reaching students in Canada. :)


What's a Courage Box?

Courage Boxes is a facilitator of active and empowering mental wellness. We inspire subscribers to be patient with themselves, empower them to take control of their mental wellness journey, and keep them motivated to learn and practise the things that make them feel the best.

Courage Box was created by me, a student at the University of Saskatchewan. I have always lived with mental illness, and as a result, have seen the gaps in mental health care that exist in Canada. I was inspired by my own experiences to create an engaging self-support resource designed with busy people (like students) in mind.

Read about me here.


How does it work?

Courage Boxes are ordered online, with the choice to purchase just one box, or subscribe to receive a box every month. Each box is designed to help subscribers learn a mental wellness strategy, and is paired with an online component that details how to practise that strategy. Subscribers are encouraged to engage with their Courage Box for a full month, and to interact with each other online in our forum. If they notice some positive changes, they can continue using this strategy while they keep learning more!

We recommend Courage Box to be used in combination with professional mental health resources, such as personal counselling or support groups. A subscription to Courage Box is just one of many great resources out there that can help those who self-identify with anxiety and depression.

Visit our FAQs for more information.


How does it work on a post-secondary campus?

Right now, subscribers in Saskatoon can pick up their pre-ordered box at the Help Centre on the University of Saskatchewan campus. This means that they don't have to pay for shipping, which helps make the box more accessible to students.

There are a few different ways we can work together to make Courage Box more accessible to students.

One option is to create a similar set-up at your campus. Students can subscribe through our website, then pick up their boxes at a designated space on campus to help with the cost of shipping. The shipping discount available to students will depend on the location of the campus.

Another option is to have us send the tools included in each Courage Box directly to your campus, where they can be assembled by volunteers. This would eliminate the cost of shipping completely for students.

The most important part, however, is visibility. Since Courage Box was developed with students in mind, we hope to work with post-secondary campuses to raise awareness of Courage Box as a self-support option for students who may be struggling.


What we need ...

We have two main goals with this project: accessibility, and visibility. We want students to know that Courage Box is an option, and we want to ensure that it is as accessible to those students as it can be.

This means that what we need most is your help getting the word out to students on your campus. This may include mentioning it at the beginning of the semester, putting a link on your website, putting up provided posters, and anything else you think may be helpful.


How to proceed! 

Please get in touch with the creator of Courage Box, Shawn, for more information. I can be reached using the contact form here, or using the email address


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