What's outside the box? Nothing you can get in a dollar store.

"But I can get this at the dollar store!"

It's a recurring comment. I've heard it from followers who see the contents of a Courage Box and think to themselves, "This stuff isn't anything special." Some people love the idea of Courage Box - but when they see what's in the box, they're confused.

I want to use this blog post to address this concern properly. I believe it comes from a legitimate place, and I understand why some people will come to this conclusion. Perhaps they haven't received a box themselves, or maybe they were expecting something different - like a regular subscription box - when they ordered from us.

Where does the value of a Courage Box come from? In this post, I'd like to clarify not just what's in a Courage Box and why, but what is outside the box as well. I hope that by the end of this article, you will have gained a better understanding of our purpose, and how Courage Box can be helpful for people looking for support.


What's inside the box?

Courage Box utilizes a subscription model, where people can subscribe and receive a new box every month. If you have read about or subscribed to a subscription box before, you may expect something different from what you inevitably end up getting from us in the mail.

Most subscription boxes focus on sending out unique, niche, discounted products and samples to help subscribers discover new companies. This is not our purpose at all! Our goal is to include the things you need to practise mental wellness strategies. Often, these strategies just require a few simple tools that can be relatively easy to find. Some things, for example, you may be able to find in The Dollar Store.

The reason we include these tools is because it's not about the individual ingredients of the box, but how you use them. If we send out bubbles or play foam, it's not because these things are expensive or rare - it's because they will help you practise deep relaxation. Mental health professionals recommend these tools because they are helpful for learning mental wellness strategies, and that is our goal!

Wouldn't it be nice if there were miraculous, one-size-fits-all, anxiety-be-gone products out there? Unfortunately, that's just not the case. Mental wellness is active. It takes time and practise, and the tools we include reflect this.


What's outside the box?

The value of Courage Box does not just come from the items in the box. Boxes also come paired with an online component that explains each strategy in detail, and lists out important suggestions and instructions for encouraging mental wellness. We have also created a community forum for motivation and support, helping to connect subscribers and create a safe space for sharing tips and experiences.

The most important part is how you use what you are given. Interact with the things that we send you. Read the instructions, and participate in the forum. Remember that mental wellness is not passive, it's active - and our goal is to facilitate that activeness.



Our Needs Are Different

Some people may find it more helpful to read about mental wellness strategies online, and get the items they need to practise it themselves.

But others may struggle to find the motivation to do this. Some of us who are struggling with our mental wellness may find it overwhelming to search for information. We may not know where to begin, and we may feel discouraged by our uncertainty about what will work for us.

Or maybe we're students. Maybe we feel stifled by stigma. Maybe we're so busy working or being moms that we can't find the time to do this for ourselves.

It is these people that Courage Box is made for. It's for the people who believe they can benefit from having someone else facilitate their journey - someone else to do the research, to send them what they need, to list out instructions, and to connect them with others online.

There are so many of us out there! Courage Box is what I have always wanted and needed. It's why I created it, and I hope that those of you who need this as well can benefit from it, too.


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