Attention Students - Help Us Out!

Hello beautiful followers!

The number one critique we have heard about Courage Box is the cost. Not just the base cost of the box, but the cost of shipping.

We realize that, with shipping and taxes added onto your order, the cost of Courage Box can be more than what many people can afford. :(

Right now, we have a partnership with the Help Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. Subscribers who are able to pick up their box instead of getting it shipped to them can use the discount code UOFS to take shipping off their order and pick up their box at the Help Centre instead. This has proven to be tremendously helpful in making Courage Box more accessible to Saskatoon residents.

Our goal now is to expand this concept to other universities and colleges around Canada. If we can create "pick up" zones in other cities and provinces, this may help to reduce (or potentially even eliminate) the cost of shipping. In doing this, our hope is that Courage Box will become more accessible to people who are struggling.

If you are a student or faculty member and you think your school may be interested in partnering with us, please get in touch through the Contact page on our website, or through our social media pages! Our hope is to set up several pick-up zones around Canada in time for the September semester!

Thanks for your help!




Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

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